Bircher SPOTSCAN Active Infrared Presence Detector - 212163

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Active infrared presence detector for automatic doors

Safe on the spot
SpotScan has been proven as a really versatile all-rounder. In stationary operating mode it provides protection
against entrapment at shearing edges of automatic revolving and swing doors. In the door ride-on type
of application (mobile operating mode), it is installed as a collision prevention device. With sliding and curved
sliding doors SpotScan monitors the main and secondary closing edges. Additionally it features a test input.

For a wide range of applications
Thanks to its compact design and the extensive accessory range the SpotScan can be adapted to suit any type
of installation. It is suitable for counting people in confined spaces and picks-up the presence of objects or
people on escalators and in elevators. Amongst other areas it can also be installed in making occupancy checks
of people in security locks.
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